Feed and Fertilizer 

The Feed and Fertilizer Division

Enforces the Feed and Fertilizer Laws and Regulations, including the Agricultural Liming Materials Act, Soil Amendment Act, and the Agricultural Consultants Licensing Act.

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Over sees the Medicated Feed Mill Inspection Grant in cooperation with the U.S.Food and Drug Administration by inspecting feed mills for compliance of the law and regulations on the use of drugs and antibiotics in the manufacture of feeds and feeding materials.

Public Grain Warehouse and Catfish Processor Section enforces the Public Grain Warehouse and Catfish Processor laws and regulations.

  • Public grain warehouses are licensed and appropriate bonding and insurance of those warehouses that store grain for hire are required, except those under license by the United States Warehouse Act. Personnel of this section audit the books of grain warehouses and assures that the proper amount and quality of grain is present or accounted for as a protection to farmers and owners of grain.
  • Catfish processors are required to be registered and bonded. Bonding is required by the guidelines set in the law and regulations. Personnel of this section audit the books of catfish processors to ensure delivery to the catfish producer the full amount of the purchase price by the catfish processor within fourteen calendar days following the purchase.

List of Arkansas Licensed Grain Dealers.
List of Arkansas Licensed Grain Warehouses.

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