Commercial Pest Control 

The Commercial/Non-Commercial Pest Control Section is responsible for administering the Arkansas Pest Control Law Rules and Regulations (Act 488 of 1975, as amended).  Pest Control work is the management of pests such as treating buildings for termites, roaches, ants or treating lawns and turf for insect and weed pests.  Depending on the type of pest control work being performed various licenses or certifications may be required.  For a more detailed overview of pest control related regulatory requirements click on the Commercial Pest Control Section - What we do link below:
Commercial Pest Control Section - What we do
Pest Control Section Contacts:
 Pest Control Section Manager - Seth Dunlap
 Pest Control Inspector Supervisor - James Clark
Arkansas Pest Control Laws & Regulations
Circular 6 Rev. - December 2013 - Arkansas Pest Control Law
List of Licensed Pest Control Companies (updated monthly)
Commercial & Non-Commercial License and Certificates
License Holder's Application
Commercial  Pest Control License Application 1-6
Non-Commercial Application 7-10
Liability Insurance Information
Agent Forms
Agent exam application
Application to Renew Pest Control Agents
Record of Agent Continuing Education Training
Agent Exam Test Dates and Locations
Exam Applications
Test Applications 1-3
Test Applications 4-10
Test Application Info All Categories (Required)
Test Application Info. for Class 1 and 2 (Required)
Monthly Job Reports

Request for Exclusion
Study Materials are available from the U of A Agriculture website at the link below under Training Manuals.

Basic EPA Exam (see note below)

This is a large pdf file of approximately 60mb in size and could be difficult to download depending on your internet connection speed. A copy of this document can be obtained on CD by calling the Commercial Pest Control Section at 501-225-1598.


Additional Information and Publications are available from: U of A Cooperative Extension Office